April 29, 2011

render using photo ink

i used photo ink for the first time, dint know how to use them properly so just gave a try :P
first sketched with 2b on water color sheet, then soaked the whole sheet in water tub :D, stretched and tapped on a board. left the sheet to dry till it is lil damp and then applied pigment with lots of water.

March 23, 2011


i always wanted to do sculptures. and i got a chance to play with clay during one of our course. it was planned to mold the sculpture in plaster which never happened and i even broke the clay sculpture but it was a great fun to sculpt.
in process

i thank my friend who allowed me to 
f*ck his face! ;) 
(he did same to me)

February 27, 2011

after long time :)

All my previous renders looked artistic (as told by my friends), here i have tried to make a realistic render for which i have used paths. I insist all the viewers to comment and critic.